Today we got up and you got dressed right away.  You wanted to go to church school.  Normally we go in the afternoon, but you had asked to go to 3 times this week and I kept telling you its not Sunday.  You’re starting to pick up the days of the week.

We don’t dress up for church, which is surprising for how picky you are about what clothes to wear all the time.  I wore a button down, but not for any particular reason.  I dropped you off and went to big church where there was music and a sermon about Jonah spreading the lord’s message after the whole fish thing.

I picked you up from sunday school a bit early because I thought you wanted to catch the music at the end, but once we got out there I think you were intimidated by how load it was and so we took the elevator upstairs instead.  There we found the arcade game that I had noticed was missing from downstairs and you played asteroids (or something like it).

We wandered into the teenager room and found 2 foosball tables.  One was open and for the first time that I know of, you tried your hand at it.  Not bad, though if the ball was on the near side, you weren’t tall enough to see it.

When we left I recognized a couple of work colleagues and a girl in her 20’s recognized you.  Its a lot less busy in the afternoons.  I grabbed you a cupcake before we left. 

After that we went to Noelridge Park adn played for about an hour and a half.  Around 12:30, we left to go home and you were not wanting to leave.  I explained that its Mothers Day and we need to go do nice things for Mom.  When we got home you were grumpy and I think that was no favor to Mom.  I made her breakfast and she made you noodles.

Then I took a nap which lasted 4 hours and you woke me up with a kiss.  You had just finished painting.  Less than an hour later, you were zonked out on Mom’s lap.  We let you sleep and eventually Mom took you into bed, while I retreated to upstairs to write this to you.  You are beautiful and adorable and I love you very much.  Never forget that.

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